This week ACT is officially kicking off our Kids’ Kindness program for the year.  Called “Got Your Back,” the program encourages students to provide acts of kindness to individuals, families, or organizations that have a need.  -1

ACT kids have already leaped to the challenge by shoveling out snowbound neighbors, filled driveways, and blocked sidewalks.  They have babysat, and worked at food pantries.

Follow our blog as we report on the various GOT YOUR BACK activities which ACT students have completed.

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Crafty Joy to the Kids

photo(5)Hi!  We are Drew, Samantha, Brandon, and Claire.  We will be in the 7th grade next year at Jenison Junior High.  During ACT this year, we prepared our KIDS KINDNESS for the patients at DeVos Children’s Hospital.  We collected items and made craft bags for the patients there.  Because we are not 18 years old, we could not complete the crafts with the kids, but we were happy to know that our craft bags would bring joy to so  many patients there.image

When we delivered our craft bags, they gave us a tour of the main areas of the hospital and served us ice cream.  It was fun!

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Kate’s Chex Mix TREATS!

photo 2 Kate Boutell, Rosewood fourth grader made dozens of bags of Chex Mix for a healthy treat for health-Care 3

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I Scream for kindness!

Hello, my name is Zayn and I go to Bursley. For my kindness,I went to Coldstone Creamery to treat someone. When I got my ownphoto-28 order, my mom said, “Would you like to talk to a customer,or the cashier?”

Then I said, “Definitely the cashier.”  So after my parents paid for our ice cream, I said to the cashier, “Please put this in the next order .”  Then I gave her the seven dollars in cash. She was frozen and then…she was smiles,smiles,smiles!

Then she said, “Thank you.”  The best part is, I don’t even know who I did the kindness for.

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DeVos Children’s Hospital Kindness….GREAT!

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Hello! My name is Emily. For my kindness, I sold colored duct tape things like journals, folders, braclets, purses, wallets and bookmarks with my Rosewood friends, Evelyn, Madelyn, and Thalia. With the money we raised, we took it to the Helen DeVos Childrens’ Hospital. How much did we make? $150! So we went to the hospital and they gave us certificates with our names printed on them in navy blue cases with fake gold paint! Then they told us that they would use the money to buy craft kits for the children. They also told us that $150 can buy a lot of kits! They told us about some parts of the hospital. Then we had to take our certificates and go. We had tons of fun with the whole thing! It was WONDERFUL!!!!    Emily :)
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Caring Cards

IMG_1899My name is Avery. I am in third grade at Bauerwood School. I sent cards to people around me and far away. I sent one to my aunt and uncle in Iowa and to my friends in Illinois. It felt really good when I sent them out to the people far away and sick or close by. Maybe they will write back. I hope what I did brightened their days!

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Monster Cookies for Our New Neighbors!

Hello, I am Jacob from Sandy HillIMG_1866.  We have some new neighbors whom we had not met yet.  So, yesterday when I got home, we baked the Monster cookies. We went over too our neighbors house and sat there for 3 and 1/2 minutes. There weren’t there. We came back and were greeted by their scary dogs. Later they were home, and their names are Pat and Adrian. They were happy to be welcomed and they loved the cookies!

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