THE YELLOW BAGS are being delivered!

That’s right!  Round #2 of phone books will soon appear in your neighborhoods.  Pinewood Elementary School in Jenison and Jenison’s ACT program are collecting unwanted phone books to be made into insulation for Habitat for Humanity.

Please collect your neighbors’ books, your friends’ books, your relatives’ books, your workplace books for this GREAT CAUSE!  Drop them off at Pinewood School at 2405 Chippewa in Jenison.  If you would like them picked up, please leave a comment on this site.


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Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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10 Responses to THE YELLOW BAGS are being delivered!

  1. Quinn Palmer says:

    mrs. weaver like the blog i got to start getting them phone books but i am a little busy

  2. Emily 2 Monday morning says:

    ACT earned enough phone books to instalate almost 3 houses! Amazing! Keep bringing them. :)

  3. Joshua WIlson says:

    SO, MANY, BOOKS! We have collect 1,797 (I think) Phonebooks! WOO!

  4. Ella Uganski says:

    awesome! will start collecting soon! we have made three houses and are showing no sign of stopping! this is my first year in ACT and as a third grader i say ACT rocks!

  5. jenisonact says:

    A GREAT day…61 phone books which have been lying on curbs in Kentwood for a few weeks are now in my car…headed for the ACT room and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY!

  6. Sean(Steve) Tuesday/Afternoon says:

    2 houses filled with phone books by ACT alone! Lets go 3 and beyond. I myself have a few to drop off soon, can’t wait to see how many we get this year!

  7. Ella Thursday Morning says:

    I have collected a lot! It’s extremely fun! I encourage you to try it.

  8. Robe says:

    I brought in a full suitcase! This=:)+:,)=so happy it makes people cry

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