BEST Music teacher, EVER!

Last week Thursday, Andrew Neumann and Chris Dewent in 5th grade went to Mr.Carmichael’s room and Chris gave him a Bahamas recorder that he got on his cruise. Andrew made him a card because Mr.Carmichael’s brother got in a horrible car accident, and sadly his friend died in the car crash.

Mr.Carmichael’s brother lost his feeling in his legs and after he recovered he could walk!!! It was amazing! When we gave him the recorder and card he was almost in tears! He said that he was very astonished and grateful.   We know we should try doing this again! :D


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Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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14 Responses to BEST Music teacher, EVER!

  1. Clay says:

    Nice going, Chris and Andrew!

  2. Wolf says:

    That was a very nice and was the right thing to do.

  3. Orchadork says:

    Good job Chris and Andrew! Mr. Carmichael really needed that kind of support right now!:)

  4. ROBE and MADELINE says:

    I am really sad because I will not get to see you, Mr. Carmichael, for a few weeks, but I hope your brother is feeling better. Madeline and I really miss seeing you in music! You are a great teacher.

  5. I was very moved such a meaningful ACT of kindness. Thank you for thinking of me and my family during our hardships. The recorder from the Bahamas was very thoughtful and meaningful. I will keep it and remember your kindness whenever I use it. Your kindness comes as a comfort and blessing, and won’t be soon forgot.
    Thanks again,
    Mr. Carmichael

  6. Tracy says:

    Wow! What an amazing, thoughtful thing to do for Mr Carmichael in his time of loss. Mr C, you are a great teacher and friend!

  7. That kindness is really touching- all of them are. I know that Mr. Carmichael is a wounderful person and he really apreatiates kids and what they do. Keep up that good work!

  8. Marie says:

    This one was really cool :) (And I helped wrap the recorder!)

  9. some random guy that happens to be in ACT named Derek says:

    You are very brave. Good job!!! :)

  10. Lefardo The Flying Monkey (Owen!!!!) says:

    Great Job. And I agree Mr. Carmichael Is An Awesome Music Teacher!!!!!! :)

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