Chad Longstreet’s act of kindness

First I woke up on Saturday morning, and my mom said, “We have to deliver the bread otherwise it won’t be fresh”.  So we we walked over to my neighbors house and rang the doorbell.  No one answered, so we went home.

The next day we went to church and came home and my mom said, “Let’s go to Gloria’s house (my neighbor’s name). So we walk over and she greeted us and we gave her the Amish friendship bread with butterscotch chips. She was soooo grateful!  She thanked me and went inside (mainly I think because it was cold)  and tried some  of the delicious bread. I gave her the coin, and she said that she would pass it on. 


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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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4 Responses to Chad Longstreet’s act of kindness

  1. I think that act of kindness was super. Pass on the coin!

  2. Awwww! That’s sooo sweet of you!

  3. some random guy that happens to be in ACT named Derek says:

    Does she live by Georgetown library? Is her last name Brander? I might know her.I might gone to her house for daycare.If so, reply.

  4. Josh VaderWoudy(Toy Story) :) says:

    He is a very nice guy

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