Creative Cookies for WORKERS!

Laura and Emma Scott.   

Laura and Emma Scott bake for city workers

Emma and Laura find a Fireman and pass on their KINDNESS!

Where are our Firemen?

We were so excited to do our act of kindness.  We were going to deliver sugar cookies to city workers such as fire men or policemen and women.  We made shaped cookies that would go along with fire men or police.   We made stars which were badges, hearts which were well hearts, dogs with spots which were fire dogs, flowers with a green dot in the middle of it for the pollen, and blue butterflies with rainbow colored sprinkles.

We went to 3 different places.  First we went to a fire station,  but there was no one there,  so we went to another station by our mom’s work,  but there was no one there either. Next we went to the county offices behind the Georgetown Library.  We went in and told the lady at the counter about ACT and the KIDS KINDNESS.  She said that the board of trustees were in a meeting, but she would  give them the cookies when they get out.

We asked if she could suggest any  fire station that would be open,  and she said that she could call the fire chief and ask him to come down to the front desk.  The chief came and we gave him the cookies and took a picture with him.  The chief was a little shy but we still had fun.

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4 Responses to Creative Cookies for WORKERS!

  1. Ella says:

    Good job. Clever thinking!

  2. Nice kindness work gals

  3. Ha! That is so weird! I am glad that you finally found someone and you thought of people who risk their lives for the sake of others!

  4. Zach(I'm in Florida for 10 days) Avery says:

    Good job! That was really nice!:)

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