Carefully Cleaning Clever Classrooms! (Quadruple C)

Josh: For our kindness we cleaned 5 classrooms at our school. We also straightened the desks in our own class. All the teachers in the classrooms that saw us cleaning were confused, but we explained. They were very grateful that we cleaned their rooms. We even found some rotten milk in the middle area. We made Adam pick it up. (We are so mean!) All in all we had fun! (But suffered) We gave the kindness coin to our teacher, Mrs. Howard.

Adam: Mitch also threw a band-aid at Josh. There was so much stuff on the floor the trash cans were almost full! All the teachers thanked us a lot, and Mr. Haskins said that he wish he had us every day. That milk was so gross! Sadly the milk was not chocolate.  It smelled like a rotten fish dipped in sulfur. When we got back to ACT, the next week Monday, we all got Tebow knighted by Ely who knighted us with a ruler.  He used the ruler because it was the closest thing to him and we did not have a sword.  Plus he did not want to touch us.

Mitch: THE END

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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7 Responses to Carefully Cleaning Clever Classrooms! (Quadruple C)

  1. The ACT room could surely use your KINDNESS! Great job

  2. That’s Awesome! Sorry about the milk though. But still.. Awesome!!!!

  3. Ella Thursday Morning says:


  4. Hannah Banana says:

    Hilarious but good job

  5. some random guy that happens to be in ACT named Derek says:

    Where did you find the milk?

  6. I can not believe that I didn’t comment to this before! The way you guys worded this made me laugh ’till my sides hurt! You guys are amazing! I mean, how many kids would clean classrooms in THEIR free time? Not many. By the way, Mitch… THE END. -I love that! :>

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