When I decorated my friend Kassisi’s locker for her birthday,  I knew she would be excited.

Olivia decorates her friend's locker

The next day when she got to school she almost cried. She thanked me about twenty-eight times for decorating her locker and told me that it was the best present ever. On her locker there were balloons, signs, and a bag with the ACT kindness coin, a letter, a Hershey’s  chocolate bar, and a teddy bear that says happy birthday.  I will remember that day forever and I think Kassidi will too. I am happy and proud that I have decorated her locker.  I gave her the KINDNESS COIN to pass on!

Andrew reports to the class about his wonderful Granny.

I made my granny a thank you card for bringing in 1000 phone books over the years. I wrote her a letter inside.  She was so happy she said she loved me like 100 times! I love her too. She is the best granny ever!   SHE will pass on the KINDNESS COIN!

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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5 Responses to PINEWOOD 4th graders’ KINDNESS!

  1. Awesome job Olivia!!! That was so nice!!

  2. Hannah Banana says:

    Andrew, that was so cool. Your grandma sounds amazing!

  3. Hannah Banana says:

    Olivia you are such a great friend

  4. Ferg says:

    good job Andrew FERGuson (hint hint)

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