Mrs. Ambs :)

I did my act of kindness for my amazing music teacher, Mrs. Ambs. I gave her a gift card for Starbucks because I know how much she loves her coffee. I also gave her a card I made for her. She was so happy and shocked. She loved the idea of the Kids Kindness program and said she would pass on the coin.

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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4 Responses to Mrs. Ambs :)

  1. Mrs. Ambs says:

    What a pleasant and wonderful surprise it was when Fiona entered my room with her act of kindness. She is right – I LOVE coffee, and I especially loved her handmade card! Currently, I have not yet passed on my Kids Kindness token, but I am making plans to do so soon. What a fabulous idea!! And what a wonderful way to teach compassion. Thank you, Fiona, and thank you to all of our ACT friends!

  2. Hannah Banana says:

    That was so nice.

  3. some random guy that happens to be in ACT named Derek says:

    Good job! My little sister has Mrs. Ambs for music, too.

  4. JAWS says:

    Mrs.Ambs rocks
    Go ACT

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