Canned Goods

I am Paige! For my kids kindness I collected non perishable canned foods. The canned foods will be delivered to the West Michigan food drive. The canned food will be shipped to Feeding America. I walked around my neighborhood with my sister, and we knocked on many doors of my neighborhood. We collected over thirty cans of non-perishable canned goods. I did this kindness because so many kids my age are starving to death and to help them would make me feel great. When I finished this kindness I was so, happy.

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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3 Responses to Canned Goods

  1. Hannah Banana says:

    That was an amazing kindness!!!!

  2. aliyah says:

    Who recieved the coin?

  3. Dear Aliyah,
    (I am in Paige’s ACT class so I know) Paige said that she will give the coin to the person that she will give the food to to deliver the food. Then, when that person is delivering the food, they can give the coin away. Hope that answers your question!

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