The Chocolate Bar Delivery Men

Hi! We’re the chocolate delivery men! (AKA Matt Huizenga and Nick Rathsack). We were delivering 1 giant Hershey chocolate bar and 1 king size chocolate bar. We took the coin and our card (that we wrote ourselves) and the chocolate bars and put it into one package, and we waited for my dad at Bauerwood’s office. We turned around,  and there was Matt’s dad talking to Mr. Gort. We went over quickly to Matt’s dad and then we were down the hall to Mr.Barbachyn

Mr. B was our first grade teacher, and we never see him anymore,  so we are doing this to show him that we still love him and appreciate all the hard work he did for us. When we approached his room, he had a class, so we signaled him out into the hallway. We gave him the chocolate bars and the card, and we told him that we still loved him and that we still appreciated him for teaching us. He was really happy and he said he loved us too. We told him about the coin and he said just like always “Oh great! I’ll get this done tomorrow!” and we all smiled. We took a picture, and then we returned to our recess, knowing that we had done something kind for someone else and it felt really, really good.

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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8 Responses to The Chocolate Bar Delivery Men

  1. Nick says:

    Good job Matt =]

  2. Matt Huizenga says:

    Thank you Nick same to you :)

  3. Matt Huizenga says:



  4. Hannah Banana says:

    That was a sweet thing to do….. wink wink!!!!!

  5. that’s awesome…did you get me one too??:)

  6. Yep, a very sweet thing to do! I have a friend who is the son of Mr. Barbachyn so I am going to have to ask him some questions… wink wink! ;-)

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