Keehn Cookie Kindness

Elizabeth: Mrs.Keehn is a really hard working principle. We decided that she deserved a Kids Kindness. She works so hard to make sure Sandy Hill is a safe school. So back in March I made some cookies and Danika made a card and goodie bag. On Friday all of the Sandy Hillbillies showed up in Mrs. Keehn’s office with our Kindness. She was really excited and promised to pass on the Kindness.

Danika: Mrs. Keehn was one of the happiest principle that day. We decided to do it to Mrs. Keehn because she was working so hard each and every day and she needed to be rewarded. Elizabeth bake some amazing no bake cookies. I gave her a goodie bag witch inculed 2 pencils, some chocolate bars, etc. When we gave the kindness to Mrs. Keehn she promised to pass it on. We said that it was required. Mrs. Keehn pass it on my getting a gas card to a friend. Elizabeth and I will surely do it again. It was a amazing feeling when Mrs. Keehn smiled back and said, ” I will surely pass it on.”

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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3 Responses to Keehn Cookie Kindness

  1. Ferg says:

    WOW! cool.)

  2. Josh VaderWoudy(Toy Story) :) says:

    sweet literally!

  3. Bob Evens (chad L) says:


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