Hair For Hope

On Thursday April 12th, I donated my hair for people who have cancer and don’t have hair due to treatments. That was my 4th time donating! I always feel so happy when I hold my old ponytails in my hand and think that somebody will be so exited to get a nice wig. The only reason I donated this year is because my cousin organized an event called “Hair For Hope”. It was at her school and there was a ton of girls donating their hair. A lot of them were freaking out because their hair was gone! I donated 8 inches of hair! I’m so glad my cousin did this. Her inspiration was my mom. I miss my hair, but I can keep myself motivated by thinking that someone will be very happy to get a wig. I think donating hair is a great cause! Wow, I type a lot :)

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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6 Responses to Hair For Hope

  1. aliyah says:

    Who recieved the coin of kindness? ;)

  2. Drew E. says:

    That’s really cool of you!-D.E.

  3. I love how you are so passionate about finding a cure for cancer and helping those who were influenced by cancer. You are a light and you are admired by all who meet you! Follow your hopes and dreams and never let anything dibilitate you!
    I know this time of year is hard for you and your family so I am really proud of you for remaining strong.
    I hope that everyone will follow your example and help by doing even the simplist of things!

    Soon I’m getting a haircut. Maybe I should donate it to locks of love or hair for hope, well if my hair was long enough.Hmmmm… I just realized something… I type too much! ;-)

  4. Eva (aka MEEEEE) says:

    OMG thats really cool I saw that shirt today!

  5. jenna boelkins says:

    I am going to do my passion poster about donating hair!

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