Lemonade Kindness!

On Saturday, the 22nd I made a pitcher of lemonade, bought cups made a sign that said FREE LEMONADE, and took my lemonade, sign, cups, and my folding table to the corner. (It cost zero dollars and zero cents!)I got about 7 customers to take my free lemonade and drink it.  It was a fun day!  More details will follow.

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About Karen Pez Weaver

Teacher of amazing children, lover of adventure, believer in the power of ONE.
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4 Responses to Lemonade Kindness!

  1. Drew E. says:

    I never thought of that!!-D.E.

  2. Eva Russa's little brother says:

    That sounds yummy!

  3. Zach says:

    Thats really cool. You should do that all the time(and tell me where it happens next time).

  4. JAWS says:

    Lemonade yum

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