ACT is a program provided by Jenison Public Schools to help meet the needs of high-ability students during the regular school schedule for one-half day per week. Third through sixth grade students from Jenison Public, Jenison Christian Schools or Jenison area home schoolers who qualify for the ACT program are provided learning experiences that encourage them to apply their abilities, creativity, and task commitment to solve personally meaningful problems they encounter in their schools, community, and world.

A focus of ACT’s 2012 year is KIDS KINDNESS:  PASS IT ON!

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  1. Kristen says:

    I went to School to pick up my daughter Laila today and was informed by Mrs. Pat that Mrs. Garcia wanted to speak with me. Not having any idea what this was about I was happy to wait. Mrs.Garcia had mentioned to me a program that Jenison has called Kids Kindness. She informed me that they raised money at the family fun night and they wanted to donate the money to families that needed the help. Mrs. Garcia knowing that I had just lost my job a week ago and that I am a single mother and 6 months pregnant thought that it was appropriate to donate the money that the kids had raised to my family. I was in such shock that I didn’t know how to react. This is the nicest thing that has ever happend to us. I am thankful to have a wonderful school, staff, and students that are very supportive and caring. Thank you so much as this helped us with groceries. It meant alot to us and we assure you that this Act of Kindness will be returned to another family in need. Thank you so much!!

  2. Brayden BOZE says:


  3. Brayden BOZE says:

    Hey, I’m in the Haven’t Decided Yet ACT class. My ACT class Thuper Duper Awesome!

  4. Brayden BOZE says:

    I’m in the photo up above in the red hoodie

  5. robe says:

    where is the doughnut dance????????

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