Cupcakes for Cancer

IMG_1865Hi my name is Ashley Winger.  This last week I did a bake sale at my school to raise money for breast cancer research. We were very successful and raised about $204.62, and as you might know Mrs. Weaver’s friend will match anything we bring in so that doubled to $409.34!  We had our bake sale for two days outside of the lunch room, and after the 3rd graders came on the second day we were sold out. We had about 500 treats to sell cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and cake pops. We raised it all for breast cancer research. We had a great bake sale and a great time!

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Hi, it’s Maddie here, and I’m gonna tell you about my Act of Kindness.  My grandpa has the blues for a while because he has cancer and he hasn’t seen me in 3 years.  So I thought I might as well try to cheer him up.  So for a  month I sent him a card and email to get him out of the blues, and it did.     Well, that’s how I cheered up my grandpa.  BYE :)

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Reading for the Animals

My name is Julia Harig, and I’m a 6th-grade student from Sandy Hill. For my ACT IMG_7668Kids Kindness my friend Kallie and I held a read-a-thon for the Humane Society of West Michigan. The reason we did this is because the Humane Society means so much to us and to those animals  who deserve homes. I walked around my school, family, and the ECC,  and Kallie asked her teachers and family, asking for pledges. During Spring Break we read 10 hours. In the end we raised $250.00 for the Humane Society. When we gave them the money Kallie wasn’t there,  but the owner was very happy and thanked me and told her to thank Kallie.

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Bake Sale for Torin

My name is Cameron, and I go to Rosewood School. FBake Sale(1)or my Act of Kindness I threw a bake sale for my cousin Torin.  The reason I did this was because he has a disease called Phelan Mc-Dermid Syndrome which is a missing chromosome 22 by your spine.  This is a disease that causes your muscles not to react as well as people’s muscles normally act. He can’t really talk, walk or grab things. All donations made from the bake sale will go toward therapy sessions for Torin.

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Cookies for my Teacher

My name is Jenna ,and I am in 5th grade at Bursley Elementary. For my kindness I made cookies for my 4th grade teacher Mrs.vanBiljion. I first went on Monday the 25th ,but she had a substitute. So, I went back the next day and she was there. I gave her the cookies and she asked me if it was for occasion ,and I said that it was random. I did not have the coin with me ,so I will give it to her later today.

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Shoveling for Neighbors

photo-22Hi, my name is Ella Lubberts. I am in Fifth Grade at Bursley. I have a brother named Connor who is in Third grade. For our kindness we decided to shovel our neighbors’ driveway. So I presented the idea when I went to ACT on Wednesday. They approved it, and when Connor and I got home from  school we wrote a letter and since I forgot the coin at school I drew a coin and colored it. :( We shoveled the driveway at about 5:00, and when I was taking pictures it started to snow again. We thought we would shovel again, but by the time we got  up in the morning the driveway had already been shoveled again.

Bye :)

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A BRIGHT Kindness!

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 9.07.56 PMMy name is Michael Care, and I decided to do my Kids’ Kindness for Mr. Bright.  He is a 4th grade teacher at Rosewood who taught me about lacrosse during a social studies unit.  The Native Americans played lacrosse and Mr. Bright incorporated information about this past- time into our lesson.  I decided to make a cake and card for him to show how much I appreciate him for his vast knowledge of lacrosse and introducing me to a new sport.  When my mom got to school with the cake and card I didn’t feel well and wanted to go home.  We interrupted Mr. Bright’s class to present the cake and card before I left.  My mom read the card for me.  Mr. Bright and I posed for a quick photo; I actually managed a brief smile.  Mr. Bright was flabbergasted by this gesture.  His class was eager to eat the cake!

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